Our company provides a full cycle from creation to implementation of architectural and design projects

this is the working process

Collection of information

In our projects we put ourselves in the client to understand his desires, the rhythm of life, the philosophy and core values

Design Process

We find the most optimal, functional and ergonomic solution for the implementation of ideas

Budget Planning

Clear schedules, detailed budgets, selection of all materials allow you to implement the project in full and on time


Control over the implementation frees you from boring and complex nuances in the repair process

про нашу компанію

metod b. – is a team of professionals in the design and implementation of stylish and functional objects. The main activity of the studio: construction private houses and interiors of public spaces: retail, restaurants and coffee shop, showrooms.

Behind every successfully implemented idea are people

meet our team of experts

Natali Boiko
Nataliia Boiko
Founder & chief architect
George Arutiunov
Georgii Arutiunov
Project manager
Anna Kovalenko
Junior architect


The main architectural direction of the studio is the design and construction of private houses. We pay attention to new and energy-efficient technologies. We are actively working with the technology of frame construction, we know the design features and the nuances of the implementation of such objects.

Our architectural experience is not limited to the design of private houses, the studio also works with public buildings, small architectural forms and city parks.


The architectural structure or the interior of a house, restaurant or hotel is not just a beautiful picture, it’s a complex mechanism that meets the needs of today, which includes many technological systems: climate control, carbon dioxide level sensor, smart home, water treatment, drainage, heat pump, fire and security alarms.

For the correct and efficient operation of all these systems it’s necessary a well-coordinated and accurate interaction, as well as their integration into the stylistic decision.

As part of each project, we act as the main coordinator and provide an adapted section of engineering communications developed by highly specialized specialists.


Design is always the solution of problems in a combination of functionality, raw data, enshrined ideas and aesthetics. Each of our projects is a holistic product that reflects the philosophy and values of you or your brand. Our purpose is to create bold functional spaces relevant today and tomorrow! The task is from you, its solution from us!


Each of our projects is filled with individual solutions and objects. They help to achieve maximum functionality, stylistic and aesthetic tasks. For commercial projects, this is one of the most important components that form a recognizable image of your brand. We love challenging, daring tasks and always find solutions for their implementation!

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Our approach

We are a very creative studio, so we find KPI of work in all processes
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We are ready to share with you our design vision and lead you into the exciting world of creativity

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