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The concept of DELAB is a creative multifunctional space with a phyto cafe, showroom and training areas that share the same mission – healthy, lifestyle and happy longevity. It is an innovative platform, as there are many functions concentrated on a small area, from cooking to business seminars. The main task for us was to fit everything, to create a comfortable environment for participants of different zones, to emphasize the status of the brand and show the products in a new light.


This project is special for us, as we participated to varying degrees at all stages of implementation: from the choice of location to the naming and brand book.


During the space selection process, we stayed at two objects that were one above the other. To unite them, we made a hole in the ceiling, placed a staircase and got one two-storey space with two separate entrances: for clients and for staff.


In total, the area can be divided into three zones: 

  • phyto café and showroom area (1st floor);
  • master class area (2nd floor);
  • back office (2nd floor).


Special attention should be paid to the master class area. Private rooms for nutritionists, beauticians and makeup artists are permanently available at DELAB. Author’s mirrors, sinks and metal shelves have been developed for these rooms.  Thanks to sliding folding doors, these separate rooms are transformed and can accommodate up to 80 participants. A full multimedia complex provides the possibility to organise various events: webinars, lectures, presentations and training courses. In addition, on the 2nd floor there is also a separate area for culinary master classes. We have designed and implemented an interesting culinary island for six participants of the master class and the chef. It has thought over every detail, developed a special organizer, as the small space needed to accommodate a lot of kitchen equipment and dishes. Also, a video camera above the chef’s worktop provides an online video broadcast of the culinary master class.


The office area is suitable for up to 10 employees and has its own separate entrance, a personal kitchen and a director’s office. 


The uniqueness of the two-storey DELAB space lies in the combination of completely different functional zones in one place, which are distributed so that participants of different events and work processes do not interfere, but zones complement each other and emphasize the brand philosophy.