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Hanna & Paul is a modern jewelry and accessories store in Blockbuster Mall in Kyiv. The concept of the store is designed to change the general idea of retail sales and make the world of fashion more accessible.

We have developed an interactive area for visitors, where everyone can play Playstation or ride a swing. Sometimes in the showroom there will be fashion shows and photo shoots.

The store is conventionally divided into six parts:

  • men’s area;
  • women’s area;
  • children’s area;
  • interactive area;
  • cash area;
  • staff room.

For the presentation of goods we chose a system of panels with profiles, on which you can hang shelves, hooks and separate displays for accessories. The accent racks are made of metal, plastic and flexible stone.

The overall concept of the store combines neutral background colors with wooden elements and lots of greenery. The mood of the showroom is created by wooden sculptures, which came for our project from Indonesia. All the sculptures are unique because they are handmade from a single piece of wood.

Thanks to the flexible module system, you can quickly change accents in the showroom and make themed blocks. Decorative rgb-lighting allows to change the “mood” and visually enhance the “seasonal” compositions.