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In 2016, when we moved to a new office, we asked ourselves to find work desks and didn’t find anything on the market that would suit our needs:

– quality materials;

– simple and up-to-date design;

– attention to detail (edge and countertop joints, leg fixings).

– availability of an organizer, a tray for wires, possibility of convenient organization of trifles on a table;

– cost.

This is how Tindle-Tendle tables were born. This product is a reflection of our philosophy and habits.

For us, drawers are real “black holes”: things that get there almost never come back. It is very important that everything you need on an architect’s desk is at arm’s length, but we want all this chaos to be organized. That’s why there is a special slot for organizers all over the length of the table. All organizers are mobile, have “the necessary depth” on the tabletop: nothing sticking out / does not protrude. Each person can choose the set according to their preferences and customize the table on request.

There are these types of organizers:

– for pens / pencils;

– for small stationery (paper clips, stickers).

– for documents / catalogs / folders;

– for business cards and necessary important notes;

– for a little succulent;

– a plug with an opening for gently leading the wire to the notebook/monitor (logo possible);

– at the bottom of each table there is a cable manager;

– there is an option to add a “screen”;

– and, of course, there’s also a drawer if there’s too much stuff.

Various options are available in current colours and textures.